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Living Room Reveal

I know some of you have been waiting for this post a long time. Probably since Ken and I moved into our new home last March. Sorry for the wait. As you probably know, I’m a perfectionist. I wanted to have all the furniture, home decor and art properly installed, placed and hung to the walls before sharing photos of our new living room with you. The space is finally ready to be shown, and I can’t wait for you guys to see it.

* Click photo to enlarge.

Like for many, the living room is the room we spend the most time in. It’s also the room we use when friends and guests visit. Therefore, it needed to be comfortable, functional but also warm and inviting. Overstock helped us make our living space even more amazing by sending us several items that I’m excited to show you.

I personally love a sofa full of pillows. Not only are they so comfortable to rest on, they also allow the whole room to look more decorated and finished. We wanted the pillows to be of different sizes, shapes and textures while being all of neutral colors to create interest and a certain harmony. Most of the pillows shown on the photos are from Overstock, and you can shop them by clicking the links below:

Black & White Kilim Throw Pillow

Moroccan Design Tassel Fridge Throw Pillow

Crispin Solid Gray/Cream Throw Pillow

* Click photo to enlarge.

I can’t remember when and where was the first time I saw a bookcase tower, but from that moment, I knew that I wanted to have one someday. It’s a very modern way to display coffee table books, without the bulkiness of some traditional bookcases. The one we have is also from Overstock and you can get yours by clicking here.

I hope you guys enjoyed visiting our new living room, and found some decorating ideas for your own living space. And don’t forget to check my walk-in closet and bathroom reveal posts.

SHOP: Black & White Kilim Throw Pillow | Moroccan Design Tassel Fridge Throw Pillow | Crispin Solid Gray/Cream Throw Pillow | Anthracite Bookcase Tower

This post is sponsored by Overstock.

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