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Live Greener with Tetra Pak

Like many of you, being a part of protecting the environment is important to me. So, when Tetra Pak asked that I share some easy tips for living greener to help improve the health of our planet, of course, I said YES! I truly believe even the smallest of choices and actions, have big impact on making our planet better today and for the next generation.

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Here are some of my personal choices I make daily to help Mother Earth.

Purchase Environmental Friendly Packaging

I always try to buy products packaged in environmental friendly and recyclable packaging, like Tetra Pak cartons. Not only is their packaging made from sustainably sourced renewable materials, which protect the product inside for longer periods of time, it also has minimal impact on our environment. Tetra Pak cartons can be recycled and turned into tissue, paper products and green building materials. Cool, right?

From boxed waters, juices, pet foods, to coffees, there are so many daily-used products packaged with Tetra Pak, and they’re all available in your local grocery store. I particularly like to buy juices, stocks and soups packaged in Tetra Pak cartons. Not only for environmental reasons, but they stack and look so much better in the pantry!

Tetra Pak | Hello_Francois | Dallas Men’s Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger


Coming from a small town in western France, where waste sorting and recycling practices are followed rigorously by everyone, I’ve been doing it my whole life. In our Dallas kitchen, we have two trash bins; one is for wastes that can be recycled, and the other is for non-recyclable trash.

Tetra Pak | Hello_Francois | Dallas Men’s Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger


Tetra Pak Cartons


Egg Cartons


Junk Mail

Steel Cans


Corrugated Cardboard


Laminated Paper

Microwavable Packaging

Frozen Food Boxes

Food Waste

Plastic Bags


Wrapping Paper

Energy Conservation

There are many ways to save energy, such as turning off lights when you leave a room, not letting the water run while you brush your teeth or turning off the air conditioning while the doors are open. Saving energy is as easy as that! I don’t do it because I want to save on my energy bills (even though it helps), I do it because I want to help decrease power plant emissions.

Now that you know some of my daily save-the-planet practices, I encourage you to at least start looking for paper packaged products, and no plastics. It may not seem like much, but if we all act responsibly and more consciously towards our environment, I believe we can make a big impact.

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