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New Home. New Closet.

As you may know, Ken and I recently moved into a new loft space. We didn’t move far from our old place, just around the corner to be precise. For us, there is no other neighborhood better suited for our lifestyle than Uptown, Dallas. Being in a walkable neighborhood is extremely important to both of us, that’s why as long as we’re in Dallas, 75201 will be home.

This makes our fourth move together and second in the USA. In fact, did you know this month marks our second year living in the States? What? I know! Crazy how time flies. That’s why even though we aren’t ready to say goodbye to Big D, it was still time for a change. Being a couple that thrives on change, we decided the challenge of making a new space our home was the perfect decision.

A fresh start. Once again.

While I’m eager to share every inch of our new home, today I wanted to start with our walk-in closet. The US may not have an abundance of old buildings or centuries upon centuries of history, but they have something European and Asian countries do not… WALK INS!

So, let’s get started!


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The Container Store, which I immediately fell in love with soon after moving to Dallas, partnered with HelloFrancois.com in making my dreamy closet come to life.

Our new place was already off to a pretty good start, by providing The Container Store’s amazing elfa closet system. Although the original layout was fairly basic (hanging and ventilated shelving), soon after I started working with my personal design consultant (which is a free service provided for any sized project), I learned we could easily make a few changes to create the perfect closet for our needs. My design consultant explained how by moving around what was already in place, and by adding a few new components and accessories, Ken and I could easily have the perfect closet for us. Which by the way, is exactly why I love elfa! Nothing is permanent, and everything is changeable! My entire closet’s transformation didn’t require a single additional hole in my walls. Yet the transformation is unrecognizable.

The Container Store | Hello_Francois | Dallas Men’s Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

Some of my favorite design elements of elfa are the accessory trays, expandable valet rods and the décor walnut trim.

Having a lot of watches and bracelets, being able to see all of them organized at one glance was a must for me, especially when getting ready for the day. I’m thrilled The Container Store was able to make this necessity a reality.

The Container Store | Hello_Francois | Dallas Men’s Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

Whether I’m getting an outfit ready for a photo shoot, or simply for the day, I found the valet rods very useful. They provide a place to group clothes together easily, which is also great when preparing outfits for a trip.

The Container Store | Hello_Francois | Dallas Men’s Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

As far as the décor fronts are concerned, they really help customize your elfa closet, so it fits your decor styles. Available in classic White, Walnut or Birch, you can easily find a look that works for you. For our style, we selected the rich Walnut finish, as we wanted a more masculine and elevated look. We also carried that richness throughout by adding the same wood finish with the hangers.

You might notice the super chic, ultra-masculine, storage boxes and baskets. Each labeled with contents ranging from Travel Essentials, Wedding Memorabilia, Shoe Bags, Travel Totes, Cashmere Blankets, Bed Linens to Scarves. I have NEVER been this organized!

The Container Store | Hello_Francois | Dallas Men’s Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

So, what do you think of our closet? Does it make you want to reorganize yours?

If so, I invite you to check out The Container Store. I’m fortunately enough to live near their flagship location, but you can also design your entire closet online, and even have access to a live chat with one of their design consultants.

Perfect timing for a fresh Spring start to the year, all The Container Stores closet products are on Sale for 25% off, now through May 13th. And if you don’t know where to start, ask their closet designers for help! Don’t wait any longer and get yourself the dream closet you deserve!

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Hello_Francois | Dallas Men’s Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

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