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The Perfect 3 Way

I always need to carry so many things with me, that you will never see me without a bag. Whether I’m travelling, or just going to the grocery store next door, I always take a bag with me to carry all the things I might need: wallet, camera, facial tissues, lenses wipes, pen, gum… I don’t always use these things, but when I need to, I’m happy to have them with me.

I was recently gifted a new bag by Jenny N. Design that quickly became my new favorite. Not only does it look awesome and is made with high quality leather, it is also convertible, which I love. Depending on the occasion or simply my mood, I can easily wear the bag as a briefcase, messenger or backpack, hence the perfect 3 way. It’s big enough to hold a 15” computer but remains light and confortable to carry.

I can’t wait to take it with me on my next trip, as I will be able to wear it as a backpack while visiting places. Its zipper will also keep all my belongings safe, and hard to reach from potential pickpockets.

For those who are not familiar with Jenny N. Design, it is a Dallas-based brand of leather bags. Not only is Jenny the proud founder of the brand, she also designs and makes all the bags from scratch, here in Dallas. Being very supporting to the communities, she happily accepted to donate two bags to the silent auction organized by the Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS (DIFFA/Dallas) that I represent, which makes her and her brand even more loveable.

For purchases and custom orders, please visit Jenny N. Design’s website.

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Photo credit: Carlos Zúñiga

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