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Visit Our Home One Last Time, Because... We're Moving!

Big news, Ken and I are moving!! But before we start packing, I wanted to share some pictures of our current home.

Ken and I have been living in the Glass House, a high-rise in uptown Dallas, for almost 2 years. As much as we love our current home, we feel it's time for a new challenge. Whether moving around the corner or half way around the globe, we have always found the process of moving fun. And we’re especially excited about this next one! I can't tell you where we’ll be moving quite yet, so if you’re not already following my blog, simply sign up today for notifications of future posts.

What I love most about our current home is, by far, the floor to ceiling windows in every room. The first time I visited this apartment, I can still remember being blown away by the views. From the impressive Dallas skyline, the Crescent Court architectural masterpiece, Reunion Tower or rooftop pools, we’ve felt blessed to live here and to be able to take in these beautiful views every day. Check out my Instagram to know what I'm talking about!

I also love the abundant space we have. I realize for North American standards, our home isn't that big. But for me, it certainly is. Whether in France, London, Tokyo or Hong Kong, I have always lived in small spaces. Small spaces were either the norm or I simply couldn’t afford anything bigger.

As you can see, Ken and I have a true passion for interior design and we love to acquire the best of what we can afford. Without sounding braggadocious, I feel our home should showoff who we are as people and where we’ve been. Our home is filled with items that we’ve picked up from our travels, as well as items from our homes in Hong Kong. Not only do these items help personalize our home, they also provide a constant reminder of our past and special memories we’ve shared together. However, we believe less is more, so when displaying items we try to let each piece stand on its own, helping to maintain its significance and value.

From casual dinners with friends, birthday celebrations, or a pre-wedding reception party for out-of-town guests (see more), we will always remember our first apartment in the U.S. as a place where unforgettable memories were created. And we can’t be more excited to create new memories in our next home.

I had the florals gifted by Dr Delphinium Designs & Events, scented candles by Lafco, and acrylic platform risers by shopPOPdisplays.

Dr Delphinium Designs & Events is known as one of the best florists in Dallas. From floral arrangements for your home to events, they can do it all, and they are great at doing it. Ken and I used their services for our wedding reception, and since then, we simply love them!

Lafco is by far one of the most luxurious and high quality candle makers in the market. Not only do their candles smell amazing, their simple but luxurious design makes them the perfect candle in any home. The Champagne scent is one of my all-time favorites!

shopPOPdisplays makes any kind of displays for businesses and individuals like me and you. Their wide range of high-quality acrylic blocks make any sculpture or vase look more precious and expensive. Get some now, and make your friends envy your decor.

I hope you guys enjoyed getting to know me through my home. And don't forget to subscribe to not miss any future blog posts.

Photo credit: Carlos Zúñiga


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