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Protect Your Phone In Style With LuxArmor

I recently upgraded to the new iPhone X for Christmas, and immediately all I could think about was how I needed to protect it. The phone was so expensive the last thing I wanted to do was accidently drop it on the floor and shatter the screen, all because it wasn’t properly protected.

The new iPhone X is so well designed, I didn’t want to cover it up with a big chunky cover. I wanted a protector that would complement the slim line design, while still doing its job.

That’s when I came across LuxArmor. Their sleek, stylish lightweight and very protective designs were exactly what I was looking for. I selected the Executive iPhone X Armor Black and Gold style and I love it. Check out their website as they offer covers for most iPhones, from the 6 to the X.

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The post was done in collaboration with LuxArmor, but all opinions are my own.

Photo credit: Carlos Zúñiga

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