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Kessler Shaving Co.: 3 products, 3 steps for a perfectly shaved skin

Does your face feel irritated or itchy? Do you have razor bumps or ingrown hair? Well, you are probably using the wrong products.

I started using Kessler Shaving Co.’s products a few weeks ago and fell in love with them. The line comprises of 3 products to use before, during and after shaving. It’s very easy: 3 products, 3 steps to get a beautifully shaved skin.

Step 1: Get your skin ready by applying the Kessler Shaving Co.’s Pre-Shave Oil

The Pre-Shave Oil contains 6 different oils, which all combine together, have anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antiseptic and antioxidant properties.

Directions: Apply a thin layer (2-3 pumps) of Pre-Shave Oil into skin. Massage and work in evenly.

Kessler Shaving Co. | Hello_Francois | Dallas Men's Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

Kessler Shaving Co. | Hello_Francois | Dallas Men's Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

Step 2: Shave using Kessler Shaving Co.’s Shaving Gel

The Shaving Gel utilizes a non-foaming transparent formula that provides you with the best visibility while you shave. Made with multiple anti-inflammatory and anti-irritation ingredients, the shaving experience is only enhanced for the better.

Directions: Apply Shaving Gel over face and neck, then shave. Once completed, wipe skin dry.

Step 3: Heal your newly-shaved skin and moisturize with Kessler Shaving Co.’s Post-Shave Balm.

Conclude your shave, with the Post-Shave Balm to provide your skin with the necessary moisturizing and healing. Your skin will not only feel good, but also look and smell amazing.

Directions: Once skin dry, freely apply Post-Shave Balm onto face and shaved areas.

Kessler Shaving Co. | Hello_Francois | Dallas Men's Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

I finally must share that Kessler Shaving Co., which is a Dallas-based company (go Dallas!), donates 5% of its net profit every year to zerocancer.org. It’s one more reason to use their products!

If you purchase all 3 products together, you’ll get 20% OFF. Click here to get yours today.

This post is sponsored by Kessler Shaving Co. However, all opinions are my own.

Hello_Francois | Dallas Men's Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

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