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5 Things You Need To Know About Decorating Your Christmas Tree

1- Pick a Theme

Before shopping for Christmas ornaments and decorating your tree, it is very important to pick a theme. Traditional, modern, beach, whimsical, classic all white, multi-color... there are many options out there. When it comes to Christmas trees, I lean toward the traditional red and gold. Traditional trees look very Christmasy and will never get out of style.

WHERE I SHOP FOR CHRISTMAS DECOR: Michael's / HobbyLobby / Crate & Barrel / Neiman Marcus

2- Decide Where The Tree Will Go

Start with setting up the tree at the right place, as you should never move a tree once it's completely decorated. I personally love to have the tree by our floor to ceiling windows. This way, people in the surrounding office and apartment buildings can see it when it's lit up at night. Also think safety. Don't install your tree next to the fireplace or heater. Finally, always make sure to fluff the tree branches before decorating.

3- Don't Cover Up The Whole Tree

First, you don't live in a store, so you don't have to put an ornament on every single branch of the tree. In retail, they always cover up the trees so much that you can't actually see there is a tree under all the ornaments. They want you to think that this is how you should decorate your tree, and therefore buy a ton of ornaments. Well, I'm telling you, you don't have to, and you shouldn't. Even decorated, we should always be able to see the beautiful green branches of the tree, either it is real or artificial. Avoid big ornaments, and prefer to use a mix of medium to small size ornaments instead. They look more precious and expensive.

4- Where To Start

a) Start With The Garlands.

b) Continue With The Base of Ornaments.

Round balls, from medium to smaller size, all in the same shade of color. These are the base of any Christmas trees. Hang them in a consistent manner, and not only on the branch edges but also deep inside the tree.

c) Finish With The Elaborated Ornaments.

These are usually more refine and expensive. That's why you want to add them at the end. They must be placed on the branch edges, as you want to make sure we can see them.

**If your tree doesn't come with lights, set them up in the tree before adding the garlands and ornaments.

5- Achieve Perfection

-Prefer warm clear lights over bright white lights. They look warmer for the season, and are more friendly to the eye.

-Install a timer for the lights so that the tree lightens up and turns off everyday at the same time, automatically.

-Only use odd numbers of identical ornaments. -Prefer an artificial tree, which are actually more environmentally friendly to real trees. Let's be green and protect our forests!

FUN FACT: My husband used to be a Christmas tree and ornament designer, so I learned a lot about decorating trees with him over the past few years.

I hope you find this blog post useful. Please feel free to comment below and share on social media. I always appreciate your love. Finally, I wish you all a wonderful holiday season!

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