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New York, New York...

I fell in love with New York City when I was a kid, long before ever visiting the city. I remember being amazed by the beauty of the the Big Apple while watching American TV series, such as Friends and Sex & The City. I had always wanted to visit, but as a young child I had no idea my dream would ever become a reality. The first time I visited NYC was with my dad, in 2009. I was 21. I remember getting emotional in the yellow cab that drove us from JFK to our hotel in the center of Manhattan. Watching the skyline grow as we got closer to the island was magical. I remember it as if it were yesterday, as it's still one of my most memorable life experiences. Going back to NYC, naturally made me very happy. Especially because this time I went with my husband. My American husband, Ken. I could not have asked for a better travel companion to visit one of my favorite cities in the world

Due to such a large amount of emails asking for more details about the trip, I am going to share with you some of what we did. Knowing our trip was only for 4 days, I knew I needed to do some planning to make the most of our limited time there. I didn't want to be running from one end of the island to the next, running ourselves ragged. So, I coordinated our daily activities based on nearby sights.

Believe it or not, you can do quite a lot of things in only 4 days, from riding a bike in Central Park, to admiring the city from the Top Of The Rock. We also visited the Neue Galerie, which was a personal highlight of my trip because I got to see in person "The Woman In Gold" masterpiece by Gustave Klimt. The story behind this stunning portrait is absolutely fascinating. I also enjoyed very much wondering around the West Village, admiring the old red brick townhouses and stately brownstones. If you haven't been to New York City yet, I highly recommend it. It's an amazing city!

Below, I have compiled a city guide. I hope you enjoy!

How to get to New York City American Airlines has a nonstop flight from DFW that starts at $210. Where to stay in New York City YOTEL What to do/see in New York City Day 1 was focused on riding a bike through Central Park and visiting the surrounding neighborhoods including Times Square. Columbus Circle Central Park

Times Square

Top Of The Rock (70th Floor of Rockefeller Plaza)

Day 2 we started our day in the Flatiron district and then headed to the West Village and Fifth Avenue. Flatiron building

West Village 66 Perry Street (Carrie Bradshaw's home in Sex & The City)

Neue Galerie (home of the "Lady in Gold" masterpiece by Gustave Klimt)

Fifth Avenue

St Patrick's Cathedral

Grand Central Station

Bryant Park

New York Public Library Day 3 was focused on walking from one end of the High Line to the other and shop around Madison Square Park. We didn't do too much that day because we got caught by a heavy rain and had to go back to the hotel to dry ourselves.

Walk on the High Line

Shop around Madison Square Park

Day 4 we headed south and explored downtown, and even made it to Brooklyn. One World September 11 Memorial Oculus Battery Park (views of the Statue of Liberty) Cross Brooklyn Bridge by bike Dumbo District in Brooklyn

China Town / Little Italy

Where to eat in New York Tuesday Kitchen (East Village) The Meat Ball Shop (Hell's Kitchen) 44 and 1/2 (Hell's Kitchen) Thanks for reading. Hello_Francois | Dallas Men's Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

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