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10 Tips To Host A Great Party At Home

If there is one thing Ken and I really love to do together, it's to entertain friends at home.

We love entertaining so much, we hosted a party in our home the evening before our wedding reception to welcome our out-of-town guests only, to Dallas! You may think having two events, two nights in a row is crazy, and you would be right! But also FUN! We went to bed at 2am that night, and woke up the next day with a hangover that lasted until past lunch. Not good!

I'm super excited to share with you guys 10 tips to host your next party at home.

Clean and tidy up your home.

If you follow my blog, you probably know by now that Ken and I are clean and organization freaks. So, when we have guests over, we like our home to look impeccable. Before a party, we want our place to look like a model home: neat and clean. Not only does cleaning give us a great feeling of self-satisfaction, it also helps us enjoy our home better with our guests.

Check out my "DRESS your bathroom TO IMPRESS" post for more tips on getting your bathroom ready for your guests!

Accessorize/personalize your home.

Hosting a party at home is always a good excuse to buy fresh flowers and scented candles. We personally like to have coordinated bouquets (we got ours at Tom Thumb) and scented candles (Crate & Barrel) in the living room as well as in the bathrooms. Also, we like to personalize our home before a party. From The Stationery Studio's personalized 'We Love Dallas' napkins, to personalized bath hand towels (same provider), every little thing will make a big difference for your guests.

Buy more food and alcohol than you actually need.

It's always better to have leftovers than to run out of food or alcohol in the middle of the party. For this party, we got ours at Costco and Central Market. And we made the desserts!

Serve simple food.

Simple and easy food is always the best. For one of our first parties in Dallas we served fancy food from a caterer. We had so many leftovers! People, in general, like to eat simple but good food. A platter of cheeses and hams, with some good bread and crackers are always a good idea. Add a chicken or/and potatoe salad, some raw vegetable sticks and voilà, you can be sure every guest will be satisfied. So, remember simple is always best!

Have food in multiple locations.

Because you don't want all your friends to gather around the dining table or kitchen island, make sure to place food in multiple locations throughout your living area. In our home, we typically set up a cheese platter on a desk in one corner of our living room, desserts on the coffee table, and the main courses on the dining table. We also reserve the kitchen for drinks only. This method will keep your guests moving, and your party active.

Limit drink options.

A simple, limited drink menu will make it easy for your guests as well as your bartender, if you have one. White wine, gin & tonic, vodka & soda, rum & coke and some non alcoholic options are enough. Personally, we never serve red wine. Accidents happen and when they do, they shouldn't ruin your sofa, rugs and worse- your evening!

Spend time with your guests, not your kitchen.

If you can afford a bartender, get one! Spending $60-$80 will bring you some piece of mind, as you won't have to worry about serving your guests. Your guests will also feel much more comfortable to get a refill as they want. If you can't afford a bartender, then have all your bottles handy. Pullout the bottles needed and put away those you don't want to offer. Regarding the bottles and cans that need to stay cool, keep them in an ice cooler. We typically use one side of our kitchen sink as a cooler. Just make sure you leave on sink empty for clean up. Also, keep your glasses accessible.

We recommend John Robert. He is very professional!

Have great music on.

We usually play music that we find on YouTube. We love YouTube as it provides multiple playlists of great music that is already arranged by DJs and last up to several hours. I recommend this playlist.

Have a glass of Champagne 10 min before the first guests arrive.

It will take the edge off and help you have a big smile on your face before the party starts.

Have fun.

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I hope you found these tips useful. Don't hesitate to leave a comment below!

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