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Dress Your Bathroom To Impress

Whether I hold a big party or just an intimate dinner at home, I always want the apartment to look per-fect. According to me, every single room, and even corner, should look amazing. When it comes to the bathroom, perfection and amazingness should reach 150%, at least! This is what this post is about, and I'm very excited to share with you guys the 10 things I do to the bathroom before receiving anyone at home!

1) Clean the WHOLE bathroom

This includes obviously the sink and the floors, but also the tiles on the wall, mirrors, and shower/bathtub. I know your friends are not going to go take a bath in the middle of the party (well, it actually depends on the kind of party you're holding!), but they will see, for sure, if the tub and/or shower are dirty, and trust me, you don't want that. Also, empty the trash can. It seems obvious.

2) Stage your bathtub/shower

If you have a bathtub, elegantly display some bath bombs and bath soak, and lighten up some candles. I personally love the Proper Gentleman line of bath products from the Texas-based company Enfusia. Regarding the candles, any brands of unscented tealights will be fine. Mine are from IKEA... If you have a shower, stage some nice shampoo and shower gel containers, and hide anything from rasors to shower gloves. In other words, create a spa atmosphere, and show your guests how relaxing it is to take a bath or shower in your home.

3) Put a new roll of toilet paper on the holder, and fold the end of the paper in order to form a peak

Use plain white toilet paper, ONLY! Also, make sure you have some spare rolls available somewhere in the bathroom, preferably under the sink, as it's where most people will naturally go look for them.

4) Clean and tidy up inside all the cabinets, especially the one under the sink and behind the mirrors

We all have that friend who is going to be curious and open your cabinets to see what you have in there. I'm one of them. Shame on me.

5) Have hand paper towels available

They are much more hygienic than the regular bath towel. And if you want to reach a top of the top level, you can have them personalized. I order mine at The Stationery Studio and it's super easy. To give you an idea of the pricing, you will pay about $50 for 100 personalized Elegant Ampersand paper hand towels in ivory color with the writing in gold metallic foil, shipping included.

6) Make sure there is still hand liquid soap in the container

Only use liquid hand soap. It's much more hygienic than the regular bar soap. You can use the branded container as far as it's a nice brand such as Niven Morgan, a Dallas-based brand of bath, body and home fragrances.

To be over the top, you can also have a container of hand cream available for guests to use. The container of hand cream must match the one of hand soap. Obs!

7) Have a see through glass container full of hotel shampoos and shower gels on the counter

It looks great and it will also show your guests how well-travelled you are, and if they are all from the Ritz-Carlton and the W hotels, it's even better. When it comes to bathroom decor, I try to make it functional and pretty.

8) Set some fresh flowers in a vase

Fresh flowers are everything. Fake flowers are a big no no, even if they look super real. Some people like to touch the petals when in doubt. They will be very disappointed if they realize they are fake.

9) Dim the lights

It will create a relaxing and warm atmosphere.

10) Light up a fragrant candle or display a diffuser

It's always nice to go to a bathroom that smells good. It will also make your guests more confortable to do whatever they need to do in the bathroom! I love to use Aesthetic Content scented candles and Xela Aroma reed diffusers.


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