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Hong Kong Lifestyle Vs. Dallas Lifestyle

For the readers who don't know, before moving to Dallas, I lived in Hong Kong for 2 years. Hong Kong offered one of the best life experiences I could ever imagine. First, it allowed me to meet my sweet husband Ken. I also met some incredible people that I'm happy to call friends. Finally, because of the central location of Hong Kong, I managed to travel to multiple countries throughout Asia. Today, Dallas is home, and being able to write this makes me very happy. No need to tell you that Hong Kong and Dallas are NOT THE SAME! They are two very different cities! The lifestyle, among other things, is extremely different and I thought it would be fun to show some of the differences.


Hong Kong : People in Hong Kong walk a lot. The public transport system is great. You can go everywhere with Hong Kong's MTR (Mass Transit Railway), buses, trams and even ferries. Actually, not a lot of people own cars, because of the expense and hassle related to them.

Dallas : Dallas, like many other big cities in the US, is not a very walkable city. The public transport system isn't great either. Therefore, people drive everywhere. At the beginning, Ken and I didn't have a car, so we walked pretty much everywhere. People in cars would stare at us all the time, especially that day we decided to cross Central Expressway with our shopping bags from Target. That was the first and LAST TIME we crossed Central Expy on foot! Walking in Dallas is just WEIRD. Now that we have a car, we drive everywhere all the time, and we stare at the people who walk.

Hong Kong : When you go to a restaurant or a bar, you would usually try to grab a taxi on the street, like in New York. The metro system is great but requires a lot of walking and crowds of people to deal with, which can easily make you loose your temper, and SWEAT. And trust me, when you go out all dressed up in Hong Kong, your only concern is to arrive DRY! I found taxis being the best solution, even though most of the cars are old and the drivers grumpy.

Dallas: Here, in Dallas, when you go to a restaurant or a bar, you can go with your car and then do valet. For those who don't know, the valet is a person who stands in front of the main entrance of a venue who is going to park your car for you. You just have to hand him your car keys in exchange of a ticket. Once you are ready to leave, just hand the valet your ticket and he will go bring your car right in front of the entrance of the venue with the AC already on. If the driver wants to drink, then you can just Uber. It's EASY and I love it!


Hong Kong: Hong Kong is known for being the most expensive city in the world! Rents are ridiculously high making it difficult to live in a big place if you're not a millionnaire. Ken and I were living in a beautiful but very small apartment on Hollywood Road in the very lively and expat friendly neighborhood of Sheung Wan. Did I say apartment? Well, it was actually more a studio of no more than 236 square-feet (22 square-meters). You read well. It was TINY, but as I said BEAUTIFUL. It actually made the cover of a local interior design magazine called Design Anthology (check the link at the end of this post).

Dallas: In Dallas, everything is BIG! That's why they call Dallas Big D. (wink!). Houses, especially, are big. You remember the TV show Dallas? Well, it was ALL true. Today, we live in a 2 bedroom/2 bathroom apartment in a high rise. We have 1507 square-feet (140 square-meters) of living space. Big difference, right?!

You will find below some photos of our former neighborhood/home in Hong Kong and our current one in Dallas. The photos should speak for themselves.

You can find more photos of our Hong Kong apartment on Ken's own blog posts by clicking here and here!

I hope you enjoyed this post! More posts are on their way, so stay tuned!

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